European Individual Women's Chess Championship 2014: Round 4-7

Every cloud has a silver lining

Oh boy, this is definitely not going to be my best tournament ever :-). 2.5/7 is for sure not the result I was hoping for. It’s not only that I play poorly, I also simply blunder like today after 13 moves. Don’t know what is wrong with me, but I don’t want to search for excuses. I just hope that the Olympiad will be better. In Germany we use to say that when the dress rehearsal is spoiled, the show will be good.

Aaaand there are still 4 rounds to go. So far I had only opponents younger than me. I prefer more experienced once… but with a view to the pairings of the 8th round, this is probably not going to happen in this tournament.

Tomorrow we have a rest day. Time to forget the first half of the European Championship!