Sprachkurs in Bath: Tag 9

Shopping day

My greatest passion besides chess, psychology and food is reading. I love books. Not e-books but reals books. Books I can touch, smell and, of course, read. I dream of a huge private library with books about history, art, foreign languages and countries. With chess books, mystery stories, novels, guidebooks and classical literature. This would be paradise for me. Buuuuut … I am still a student without a permanent address. And to move houses with a lot of books is the worst thing I can imagine. So I have to wait another few years till I can start my own collection. Until then my purchases are limited to the books I really want to read.

One of these books is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. I bought it today in a second-hand bookshop for 3 pounds. It has 1276 pages … so I probably won´t get bored in the next few days or rather weeks :-).

When I passed a shop window, I fell in love with a certain dress. I went into the shop, tried it on and bought it immediately. I also purchased some (healthy) foods. What a happy day!