Sprachkurs in Bath: Tag 10

Ducks and blindfold chess in Oxford

I have heard a lot about Oxford… well, who hasn´t? But everything I knew about it was connected to the university and not to the city itself. So I was very excited about visiting Oxford and had very high expectations. This was probably the reason why I was not very impressed by the city at the end of the day. Of course, the university buildings were quite nice but the rest of the city seemed rather unimpressive to me.


Actually, our lunch break was the most interesting part of the day. We were sitting near a river and watched the passing rowboats. It was highly entertaining to see how those boats collided with each other or bounced against the bench. This sounds a bit mean, but the people in the boats also had lots of fun, so there was no harm in enjoying ourselves.

Philo had the stupid idea to “feed” the ducks with little stones. So she threw them into the water and watched how the ducks tried to catch the stones. But suddenly some of them came out of the water and scared her…. serves her right ;-).

On our way back I played a blindfold game against a Spanish guy from our school. I was surprised, that I succeeded in remembering all the pieces and finally mating him.