Sprachkurs in Bath: Tag 19

Party time

Because some of us already leave on Friday we decided to have our farewell party on Thursday. In the evening we met in the school to play some games. Our favorite game was Tabu. However, we preferred to use our own words instead of those written on the cards. This is why the majority of all definitions tended to be not G-rated :-).

At 10.30 we went off to the club. It was said that it opens at 10 but when we arrived at 10.55 it was still closed. At 11.30 we finally entered the club. Thanks to Andi´s negotiation skills we didn´t have to pay the entrance fee in the amount of 5 pounds.

What shell I say, it was great! I love dancing and I don´t mind to dance 5 hours without a break. The music was good and it was not too crowded. Almost everyone from the course was present aaand I could wear my new dress :-). Unfortunately I had no suitable shoes but my host mother helped me out. I really liked that tab water was for free in the club. I usually don´t drink any alcohol and I don´t want to pay for water, so for me it was simply perfect.

However, I didn´t like the way most of the British people behaved. The girls wore skirts that looked like belts and showed more skin than one usually wants to see. Almost everybody was drunk and some got quite aggressive. When the club closed at 2 am, some drunken guys almost picked a fight. I was glad that the club was near my home and I had to walk for only 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing night and I will miss the time in Bath and all the people sadly!