Sprachkurs in Bath: Tag 20

It's time to say goodbye

I am sad while I write those lines. Of course I really look forward to come home again. But it is always hard to say goodbye, especially when one will probably never meet again.

Leonie: It was a pleasure spending so much time with you. I won´t forget our trip to Wells or the Skyline Walk. I hope you recover soon!

Philo: I will miss our enjoyable conversations and the privilege to be your (favorite ;-)) secret keeper. Wish you all the best in Britain and lots of fun with the next course. I hope there are not so many “German guys” and you can impress them with your not existing Spanish accent!

Pablo: Thanks for being my “playmate” (I still have to recover from the fact that you beat me in checkers and I am still convinced that I became ill because of our blindfold game :-))! We had many valuable conversations, although you always thought I was talking in German to you :-). I wish you, with all my heart, good luck for your further career.  Pablööö…

Sebastian: What would I have done without you? You provided me with chewing gums, handkerchiefs, beverages, grapes and even clothes :-).

Thank you guys for the brilliant time, I will miss you a lot!