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Susan Boyle in Bath!

Guess who I have met today...

Susan Boyle

..Right, Susan Boyle! What are the odds! Like almost every day we had lunch in the park near our school. And then we heard her. I don´t know how often I have listened to the song “I dreamed a dream” performed by her but it was definitely enough to recognize her voice. She was practicing for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics taking part in Bath this weekend. So we went to the stage and arrived just in time to watch her walking in a nearby hotel.

I wanted to hear more, so I decided to attend the opening ceremony in the evening. It was a good decision. I missed the part with all the speeches at the beginning, because I didn´t want to cancel my dinner. When we arrived we were allowed to go in, although we had no tickets for the event.  The program was a good mixture of dancing and singing performances as well as some short speeches. The highlight was, however, the performance of Susan. It was stunning. I love her voice!

Melanie Lubbe in Bath
Konzert Susan Boyle, Bath 2013