Bath Skyline Walk

In general I´m keen on sports and I usually do a lot of physically training. That is why I feel a bit lazy at the moment. I think this lack of exercise as well as a lot of unhealthy food is not a very good combination. So I was very glad when Leonie suggested doing the so called Skyline Walk this weekend.  This walk is about 7 miles in length and takes approximately 3 hours. This seems to be a lot of time for a rather short distance but one have to keep in mind that there is a height gain of almost 240 meters.

First we had some trouble to find the starting point of the Skyline Walk. Fortunately, Leonie has much better orientation abilities than me, so we finally managed to find our way. We walked for one and a half hour, had a really nice view … and then we got lost. Actually we simply had to follow some arrows but suddenly we found ourselves at a spot we´d already been before. So we decided to sit down and relax. And after another one and a half hour we went home. I was a bit disappointed that we didn´t complete the walk but maybe we will try it again next week.

I spend the rest of the day doing my homework and writing some reports for my homepage. I also had to prepare a presentation for class. All of us got a topic to talk about, mine is “immigration in Britain”.