Endless summer

Goodbye Germany …

Flughafen Leipzig/Halle

… hello Greece!

Sonnenaufgang in Griechenland

36 degrees, sunshine, beach, and the sea a stone’s throw away: what more could one want? Chess is also not missing since I am participating in the Greek Team Championship. Together with my boyfriend I am playing for the team of Patras – the host of this tournament. Other than in Germany, teams consist of male, female, and youth players – making it 10 players per team.

For me it’s the fifth Greek Team Championship and one of my favorite tournaments. I love the mixture of relaxed sunbathing, physical exercises, and competitive chess. So this is what we did today: inline skating, swimming, and playing chess.

Can’t say what was most fun. Normally it would be chess but today’s game was pretty poor. I played against a woman rated 200 points below me. At the beginning I was attacking, but all of a sudden she got some strong counter play and I had to fight very hard for the rest of the game. Somehow I managed to win… but my performance was anything but convincing. Our team won 8:2… yeah :-).

Melanie Ohme auf Inlinern
...they see me rollin... =)
Melanie Ohme auf Inlinern

Tomorrow, we are going to face a strong team in the morning and another (still unknown) opponent in the afternoon. You can follow the games on http://aethniki14.chessdom.com/?page_id=144.