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A little hotel on the side

I have never been to an English theatre before. Well, there is actually no big difference (or at least I haven´t seen one). The play we saw today is called “A little hotel on the side”. It is about two married people, who try to initiate an affair. Therefor they take a room at a dubious hotel in order to have some privacy. But things were different as expected. By accident almost all their friends and family members appeared at the very same hotel. It is an amusing story full of misunderstandings and puns. I really enjoyed watching it although it was rather superficial.

My host mother told me that theater is usually cheaper than cinema in Bath. I asked her for the reason and she argued that otherwise nobody would go to theater anymore. Pretty sad imagination…

After the stage performance we went into a pub. Although I do not like beer at all, I quite enjoyed a glass of Cider – an alcoholic beverage made from fruit juice.

Sprachkurs in Bath
Sprachkurs in Bath