Sprachkurs in Bath: Tag 2

First day at school

When I wrote the heading, I thought it sounds like a six-year-old girl talking about her first experience at school. And then I thought to myself that this was exactly how I felt today, when I arrived at Marlborough buildings, where the language course is held. I didn´t really know what I had to expect and I felt something between excitement and pleasant anticipation.

The first impression I got was as follows: The building looked from inside like a very old and small library and I somehow felt like a burglar. The second impression was a bit disappointing: Why the hell are there only Germans? And the third one was even worse: The toilet looked like it belongs to a museum (and I do not talk about the Museum of Modern Art). By and by it got better. First of all we managed to talk in English, although we could have easily used our mother tongue. Secondly, not only the students but also the teachers seemed to be very nice. Most of the students (me included) belong to the Studienstiftung and therefor do not have to pay for the course. Nevertheless, most of them looked highly motivated.

At the very beginning of the course we had a test of about half an hour. Afterwards we were separated into groups of eight to twelve people. I am quite happy about my group and I think we will have a great time here.

After the first lessons we went to a café nearby and bought something to eat. I enjoyed my first Cornish pasty. Later on we (Philo, Leonie and me) had a stroll through the city and I have to say: I really like Bath and I can hardly wait to see more of it.

Sprachkurs Bath, Abbey
Standing in front of the Abbey
Sprachkurs Bath, The Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent