GM Turnier Bremen: Runde 7

Half a point for Kinds Indian!

GM Vlastimil Babula, Bremen 2013
GM Vlastimil Babula

I must confess Matthias Blübaum has been the opponent I have the greatest respect for. He is young and extremely talented and he has won not only against Tomi Nyback, but also against Vlastimil Babula. So with black my chances were quite low, but I tried to give my best. I decided to give Kings Indian another try and this time it worked out very well. Matthias didn´t see how to realize his slight advantage and so I got a draw after only 33 moves. With 4 points out of 7 rounds I am more than satisfied.

Vlastimil leads with 5.5 points. He is followed by Matthias with 5 and Gennadij with 4.5 points. Gerlef and I share the fourth place, whereas Twan has fallen behind with two losses in a row.