Trip to Bristol

Today we had a trip to Bristol, which is only 15 miles away from Bath. I learned that 49 songs have been inspired by this city. Nevertheless, I was not very impressed by it. In my eyes Bath is much more beautiful and definitely more enchanting than Bristol. There was only one spot I really liked and this was on top of a tower where we had a splendid view. Here some impressions:

In the afternoon we took a cruise. Actually I truly love boat trips, but this one was far too short to enjoy it. The Clifton Suspension Bridge was worth visiting. I desperately tried to capture the whole bridge in one picture. As you can see I didn´t succeed.

We also visited Bristol Cathedral. Although it looked quite impressive, it can´t compete with the Cathedral of Wells I visited yesterday.

Back in Bath we went to a pub and afterwards into a club. The music was a bit alternative but exactly what we needed after such an exhausting day!